StageWood Community is an open entertainment resource, supported by groups of select members. There is opportunity to contribute with us in one or many ways, by becoming a StageWood:

Token Investor

Main Community Sponsor.

Event Underwriter

Crowdfunding Community.

Franchise Owner

Art Support Champions.


VIP fan membership.


Select Performers.


Elite event producers.

CrypTyKum Fundation Donor

Tech Enthusiasts.

Stagewood Entertainment Foundation Donor

Artist Advocates.

You are welcome to partner with us in more than one way!

A VIP fan membership


Register as a VIP member of our Fan base in our mobile app, Tyket, for as low as US$15/month and become one of our trusted, supportive members. Benefits includes :


  • Be one of our beta testing Fans and make Tyket the app You want!
  • Discounts when purchasing Tickets to StageWood Events.
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Free tickets to special events
  • Priority VIP tickets
  • VIP meet and greet with artists on special events
  • Exclusive invitations to underwrite hot events (see Event Underwriter)

Select Performers


Join a select group of founding support Artists.

Paid premium membership that grows to a free service when a certain volume of events are reached.

After the initial token distribution


Be one of our elite event producers.

Paid premium membership that grows to a free service when a certain volume of events are reached.

Main Community Sponsors

Tykcoin Investor

Token Sale: The TykCoin

StageWood Consortium, Inc. has developed a decentralized network based on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform, with an innovative token called TykCoin to allow transactions between Fans, Artists and Producers to run as planned, without censorship, fraud or third-party interference. Under a powerful shared global infrastructure, ownership of property and transfer of value is facilitated without boundaries, with reliable confirmation of compliance with agreements. As transactions are made exclusively with TykCoins a continuous and growing demand for the token is created.

StageWood Consortium, Inc. will issue a finite amount of TykCoins and offer them for sale on an initial Token Sale (ICO) process which will distribute the TykCoins to the community. The details of this process can be reviewed in the ICO documentation. The process includes the issuing of Simple Agreements for Future Tokens (SAFT), followed by an Initial Token Sale (Token Sale). TykCoins can be bought and saved in Tyket or TykWood electronic Wallets, to be used later in the purchase of entertainment, or traded on the TykWood exchange or other Crypto exchanges.

Funds raised during the TykCoin ICO will be dedicated to the development of the community platform, its operation and support of the scheduled projects.

Crowdfunding Community

Event Underwriter

Events Production

Coordination of StageWood events, produced for large audiences will start immediately after the end of the Initial Token Sale and release of the operating TykCoin accounts. These performance events will be coordinated exclusively within the TykFrame platform, Tyket and MyN3 applications, and with exclusive use of TykCoins for ticket sales.

Crowdfunding for these events are made available to interested parties. Investment in these events will generate several benefits:

• VIP Access to the event.
• Exclusive invitation to Pre/Post Event Party with featured Artists Meet and Greet.
• Memorabilia of the Event if available.
• Return of investment according to financial success of the event.

Invest in our events and be treated twice!

Art Support Champions

Franchise Owner

Physical StageWood locations will be built in major metropolitan areas around the world. Under the guidance of the StageWood Corporation, each facility will operate as an independent enterprise, either fully owned by the StageWood Corporation, or as licensee/franchisee of the corporation. They will complement the StageWood community by providing physical, dedicated stages for Performers to display their talents.

Working exclusively under TykCoin and MyN3 platforms, these sites will provide around the year, continuous job engagements to Performers, and promote the development of new stars in all forms of art expression, including but not limited to music, theater, visual and culinary arts.

Promote emerging and established talent by owning “your city” StageWood!

Tech Enthusiasts

CrypTyKum Fundation Donor

CrypTyKum Foundation is a unique not-for-profit organization devoted to bringing innovative Blockchain technology and smart contract Applications to the Entertainment industry. It is the ground floor for a worldwide community working under virtual and physical platforms that directly connect Software Developers, Fans, Performers and Producers, streamlining the delivery of entertainment.
The TykFrame platform will be received as a donation from the StageWood Consortium, Inc, once operational, along with minted TykCoins. These tokens will be held by the Foundation and used to support the development of applications under its platform. Platform transaction fees (Gas) and exchange of TykCoins in the market, as required to support operations, will be the main source of working capital for the institution at its early stages. Funds will be also raised through donations from individuals, collaborating institutions or other institutions willing to cooperate with the Foundation efforts.

Contribute to the growth of the community Technological development!

Artist Advocates

Stagewood Entertainment Foundation Donor

StageWood Entertainment Foundation is organizing the entertainment community in a unique not-for-profit organization devoted to the wellbeing of its members, promote honorable trade and support symbiotic relationships. The international membership extension without border barriers allows for a large inclusion, opening the door to negotiation of benefits for our members not feasible to local organizations.

StageWood Entertainment Foundation invites all art performers to join as members. Musicians, actors, actresses, comedians, visual art talents, painters, sculptors, chefs, mixologists, among any other art expression providers. Associated individuals to the entertainment industry as promoters and producers of events, managers, vendors as well as any related entities will be invited to participate in the community in separate and specific classes of membership.

The Foundation website is a permanent vehicle to request and receive donations for its mission. Please visit this website to learn more about the foundation, past and future events and to contribute to our mission.

Support our Members talent development and wellbeing!