StageWood Consortium, Inc.


We’re here to shake things up.


Entertainment like it’s never been seen before. Re-imagining the way things work takes time, skill, and dedication; and our team at StageWood has it all.


Our community aims to collaborate and create reliable entertainment events by gathering artists, event producers, and fans in a virtual network that Integrates the security of Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology to deliver unforgettable experiences.


A virtual nation committed to talented and honorable trade in entertainment.


– Reliable
– Fun
– Smart AI Tech
– Easy
– Transparent
– Ethical

The People Behind the Company

Santiago Figuereo

Founder & CEO

Louis Silvestre

Chief Business Development Officer

Damian Dechev

Chief Technology Officer

Asdrubal Martinez

Chief Marketing Officer

Mathew D'adesky

Director of Sales

Ronald De Los Santos

Design Officer

Frankelly Veras

Full Stack Developer

David Salcedo

Full Stack Developer

Wilson Rivera

Senior Software Engineer

Josette Rojas

Quality Assurance Tester

Aristides Santana

Graphic Designer

Carola Ramos

Operations Assistant

Anna Stepanova

Anna Stepanova

Full Stack Developer


Miguel Ascanio

UX/UI Designer

Mariah Moscone

Development Director

João Coelho

Full Stack Developer

Ana de los Riscos



Stefan Avram

Full Stack Developer

Alexander Acosta

Customer Service

Luis Inoa

Customer Service

Prominent International Advisors

James Dodrill

Pres. James G. Dodrill II PA

Providing legal services and business consulting to publicly traded and privately held corporations,

Daldo Romano

Pres. DAREntertainment

Strong and successful track record in the Entertainment and Show Business industry of an international magnitude

José M. Brandariz

President & CEO Beverly Hills Entertainment

Avid movie producer and long tradition in the entertainment industry.

Fernando Davila


Mastery of figurative paintings. His extensive work has been exhibited in South America, Europe and the U.S.

Shahin Afsharian

Executive Chef

Chef Shahin began cooking as a child with his multi-cultural background and flavors.

Bernardo de Souza

Blockchain Certified Specialist | Systems Architect and Consultant

Experienced systems architect and consultant with a track record of providing high quality services.

Miguel Alcantud

Creator and Art Director of “Microteatro”

Now with 15 franchises in several countries, including the United States, Spain, Argentina, México and Perú.


Jorge Monje

1978 - 2016

“This is your dream and we are making it a reality.
Love took you away from us but that doesn’t mean we didn’t love you enough.

While we were conceiving StageWood, you showed us what passion looks like and we won’t rest because we know we are making you proud.
We miss you a lot.”