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We’re seeking motivated individuals who want real change in the entertainment industry. As a Founding Member, you receive stake in StageWood, exclusive benefits like lifetime rewards, and more! Ready to be part of the revolution? 

The Future of Entertainment Looks Brighter

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Tyket launches
August 9, 2021

We are changing entertainment.
one event at a time.


Memories are so powerful, recalling them can feel like you’re experiencing them again. That’s why we’re passionate about producing shows that create memories. 

Whether you’re a fan, artist, or producer, live entertainment has the potential to make lasting impacts. With your helpwe’ll make sure everyone can enjoy and share memories.

Our stages will be ready for 2022

Gain exposure and experience

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Become a Founding Member

As a Founding Member, you can enhance your experience with perks like backstage passes, VIP access, and the exclusive opportunity to support a company that’s changing the lives of artists and performers. After all, we offer more than just events – we deliver the moments that will stay with you forever.


We’re restructuring the entertainment industry.

How? By merging fans, talent, and producers on a robust platform to network and create opportunities that uplift everyone involved. If you’re reading this, you’re no stranger to innovation. Here’s your chance to be a part of something bigger than all of us as it’s never been done before in the industry. Our efforts are supported by sponsors, ad revenue, partnerships, and the ongoing advancements in technology. Together, we’re destined to make a serious impact and reform an industry that changes the lives of artists forever.


An array of digital and physical solutions

We’re building an entertainment ecosystem powered by the latest blockchain technology to fix the common issues of this complex industry.

The road to change begins with a plan, and ends with perseverance.
Our secret ingredient? You.

StageWood Consortium Inc Building the stages that’ll make memories for all. Producing the events that will set the stage Negotiating deals and packages for the ultimate fan experience. Bringing the community together with our social media app. Creating lucrative opportunities for artists, producers, founders, and fans

We’re Always Listening

It’s how we’re changing this industry.

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