An innovative, original and unique network of performers, Producers, Fans and software professionals working in an integrated platform that capitalizes the advances in Blockchain technology.

You can be an Integral member of our community!

Blockchain technology  bring about the opportunity

to create disrupting platforms that promote fair practices

The StageWood Community of enterprises are created around the concept of bringing honesty and fairness to the complex relationships between artist, producers and fans in the entertainment industry.


Prevalent Pitfalls


• Lack communication channels with talent.

• Inadequate relationships with Sponsors.

• High risks of large events.

• Difficult to navigate last minute changes.

• Complex accounting and legal transactions.

• Cumbersome conflict resolution process.


• Hard to fill gaps on Schedules.

• Stringent requirements to secure Payment.

•Reputation tint with ticket scalping.

• International value transfer difficulties.

• Professional and legal rights abuses.

• Lack of long term social and financial support.



• Untimely notice for Events and ticket sales.

• Unfair competition for tickets at face value.

• Shunting of tickets from Fan base.

• Scalpers inflating after market prices.

• Complex Paper ticket system.

• Powerless feedback

Our Community Collaborates to Create Reliable Entertainment events by Gathering Performers, Producers and Fans in a virtual network that Integrates The security of Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology to Deliver Guaranteed Performances.

StageWood Community Dynamics

StageWood provides a trusted platform where a collaborative community of Fans, Artists and Producers operate in a mutually beneficial environment.
• Fans use regular currency for purchasing entertainment in TyKet where they will also have a TykCoin Wallet.

• Fans, Artists and Producers also accept TykCoin as a value exchange Token for all services and transactions of events developed within the StageWood community.

• Fans, Producer and Artists interact in Tyket to coordinate crowd-funded events. Requests for events are recorded in chaincode (smart contracts) that register the details of the transaction.

• Secured Wallets for the Producer and Artist are loaded with agreed funds in TykCoins but locked.

• Tickets are sold in Tyket.

• Tickets sell revenue is converted to TykCoins which are saved in the event secured wallet.

• After completion of the Event, the event smart contract settles and TykCoins are electronically distributed to participants upon agreed terms. All wallets are unlocked and TykCoins can be saved or exchanged for desired currency.

News & Events

Is Crowdfunding a New Way To Fund Events?

Is Crowdfunding a New Way To Fund Events?

Here are some key benefits of using crowdfunding tools:
Starting from intimate events to significant events of 10 to 1000 people, respectively. As an add on, including private games for premium members of the musician’s art club. After gaining enough success, you can even organize large scale shows.
Once the campaign is set, give the audience a chance to pre-order after the concert has been fully promoted by engaging fans and channeling excitement about the show.
Extra profit and ticketing:
Selling tickets beforehand can even cover organizational costs and earn a profit on additional tickets being sold. Also, when the minimum amount of funding is reached, the prices are usually increased to up to 40% or more. Now, it’s time to deliver tickets hence able to detect the stats of the audience. Show4me follows a secure payment system in which the money contributed is not shown, adding another layer of security as the funds go to the artists directly.

Future of crowdfunding:
Development of applications that provide a platform for developers to build decentralized applications is why technologies like Blockhub will allow developers to develop them enabling them to fundraise projects from a pool of supporters engaged securely. It is a priority to make sure that capital and support is available to the brightest for future goals to be achieved.

What is Blockchain Technology?

What is Blockchain Technology?

The Rise of Blockchain The rise of cryptocurrency has shocked the entire world. No one quite understands how it is possible to have “digital money” that is not backed by a physical asset gold. However, if we put aside its credibility as currency, its safety is a...

Event Searching Done Right

Event Searching Done Right

Leaping on the event bandwagon requires one to first immerse themselves into the likes of their own and, most importantly, to plan out their itinerary beforehand. It can be particularly tricky to discover events, performances, concerts, sports, and other festivals in...

How concert tickets fees are rising and how to avoid paying more

How concert tickets fees are rising and how to avoid paying more

How concert tickets fees are rising and how to avoid paying more Consumer's Report staff brought forth a somewhat unaddressed issue known as the "Ticket Fee Frenzy" in their August 2016 issue and elaborated on the new scheme introduced by online ticketing platforms...

StageWood Startup Presentation

StageWood Startup Presentation

Our CEO, Santiago Figuereo, Presented to about 100 guest in a Start Up event his biggest project ever: StageWood Consortium. Stay tuned because big things are coming!

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