Getting exposure is an essential part of an artist’s growth process. If you’re looking for avenues to expand your network and increase your fanbase, knowing where to go and what to do could get you in front of a wider audience, expanding your reach.

Support will take you where you want to go, but first you have to get it. Learning how to get someone’s attention for longer than 3 seconds is an art; but really, it’s just good marketing. Every day, we’re marketing ourselves, our brands, and who we are to the world; and as artists, that’s all day, every day. Fortunately, social media makes this that much easier for you.

They say not to trust your internet friends, but today, we’re telling you that internet friends are actually the best kind of friends. Why? Because they increase your following, up your engagement, and get you trending worldwide. With so many digital ways to get exposure, we’ve decided to narrow it down to the best 3 (in our opinion).


Instagram is great for many things; sharing selfies, buying clothes, and stalking your cousin’s ex boyfriend’s sister… But it’s mostly great for branding. Since it’s a photo-sharing app, each post is another opportunity to brand yourself and share your talents with the world. Posting videos, photos, and stories that fit your aesthetic (or personality) are ways that you can promote yourself, interact with others, and showcase your skills.

Coming up with some hashtags that represent you as an artist can expand your reach and get you noticed by others, as well. A general rule of thumb, though: don’t go crazy with the hashtags; Instagram allows up to 30, but try to keep it at 5 max (please).

Tik Tok

Meet Tik Tok—a platform where you can share videos (of any kind), dubbed with lyrics, effects, and filters. It’s most famous for its “challenges”, where they range from dances, to sing-offs, to how well you can throw down in the kitchen. And though keeping up with the Kardashians may seem like your idea of a good time, keeping up with trending Tik Toks is one way to keep you in the scope of things.

Just like Instagram, Tik Tok has the ability to go live; this helps you connect with your fans and other artists in real time. Though it’s a younger app, the increase in monthly users is rising quickly; making this a good avenue for anyone who’s looking to showcase their talents to a wider range of people.

Tyket App

The entertainment industry has been lacking a platform that really gives artists the chance to grow and prosper. Though the other two apps, if utilized properly, are notable options for increasing your exposure, the Tyket app does that and more. For artists especially, it’s an essential app that gives you access to a community of talented performers, industry veterans, and eager show-goers.

Dubbed as the one stop shop for fans, artists, and event producers to interact, find gigs, scout for talent, and search for local shows. As a platform that’s built for the experience of the fan and the growth of the artist, Tyket is used by artists worldwide to help them book shows, network with others, and interact with their fans. All while giving users access to touring shows in the area, the hottest new artists, and chances to win VIP prizes through online games and trivia.


At the end of the day, anything you do can help you get the exposure you want; what really matters is your drive.