The secret to success is being at the right place, at the right time.

You’re here, now.
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The only way to be a founder is by being there from the very start—which just so happens to be now. It may be perfect timing, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to be a part of something bigger. We’re here to make an impact; want to be part of our revolution?

We are Building the Future of Entertainment

It’s more than an app
It’s an experience you’ll never forget

Tyket launching
in late 2021

We are changing this industry, one event at a time.


Psychologists say we remember the emotional times in our lives better than most. That’s why we’re passionate about creating the shows that lead to those unforgettable moments.


Whether you’re an artist, fan, or producer, live entertainment has the power to make lasting impacts. With your help, we can make dreams happen.

Our stages will be ready for 2022

Gain exposure and experience.

Access to our talent pool.

Crowdfund local events, shows, and festivals.

Become an exclusive Founding Member.

As Founding Members, you have twice the fun and twice the perks—with backstage passes, VIP access, and the exclusive opportunity to contribute towards a company that gives back in return. Afterall, we offer more than just a show, we deliver the moments that will stay with you forever.


We’re changing the way entertainment is experienced.

How? By merging performance, art, and passion into all of StageWood’s productions. You’re an innovative thinker, just like us. We want you to take pride in being part of something that’s never been done before in this industry; that’ll be highly beneficial to you, as a Founder. Our efforts will be supported by every transaction, sponsor, ad, partnership, and technological advancement, while improving this industry—from the inside out.

What’s Included?

We’re building an entertainment ecosystem, by using the latest technology, that will help set the stage in this complex industry.

The road to change begins with a plan, and ends with perseverance.

Our secret ingredient? You.

We’re Always Listening

It’s how we’re changing this industry.

5200 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 235, Miami, FL 33126, USA