StageWood Entertainment Community

Be an important part of our Goals and Objectives

An innovative, original and unique network that connects performing artists, event Producers, Fans and entertainment enterprises with software development professionals, in an integrated platform, capitalizing the advances in Blockchain technology to secure honest, ethical relationships and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and scalpers.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies bring about
the opportunity to create disrupting platforms that promote fair practices


StageWood Community of enterprises are created around the concept of bringing honesty and fairness to the complex relationships between artist, producers and fans in the entertainment industry.


Prevalent Pitfalls

Our Community Collaborates to Create Reliable Entertainment events by Gathering Performers, Producers and Fans in a virtual network that Integrates The security of Smart Contracts and Blockchain Technology to Deliver Guaranteed Performances.


• Lack communication channels with talent.

• Inadequate relationships with Sponsors.

• High risks with even management.

• Difficult to navigate last minute changes.

• Complex accounting and legal transactions.

• Cumbersome conflict resolution process.


• Hard to fill gaps on Schedules.

• Stringent requirements to secure Payment.

•Reputation tint with ticket scalping.

• International value transfer difficulties.

• Professional and legal rights abuses.

• Lack of long term social and financial support.



• Untimely notice for Events and ticket sales.

• Unfair competition for tickets at face value.

• Shunting of tickets from Fan base.

• Scalpers inflating after market prices.

• Complex Paper ticket system.

• Powerless feedback

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