Leaping on the event bandwagon requires one to first immerse themselves into the likes of their own and, most importantly, to plan out their itinerary beforehand. It can be particularly tricky to discover events, performances, concerts, sports, and other festivals in the vicinity you’re visiting or residing in. In this era, where digital space is the primary platform for almost all day-to-day activities, a quick event searching is a whole lot of pre-planning.

It is a no-brainer that the Blockchain, on account of its relevancy, has created a spur, especially when it comes to event planning. Since the evolution of the much-vaunted Bitcoin network into Blockchain technology, the event management, and ticket marketing industry have acquired a newfound look and feel. Time-stamped monetary transactions completed by Blockchain are free from third-party services of making that transaction, which is irreversible in nature and verifiable by concerned parties. At the heart of Blockchain is Asymmetric Cryptography, the underlying means of encrypting and decrypting data, committed to negating fake, counterfeit tickets and scalpers.

Stagewood Consortium, a Miami based entertainment hub, is a virtual run platform uniting artists, performers, producers, and fans under one familiar sky of the revolutionary Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain science. The technology backed Stagewood provides hands-on experience of the various forms of art co-existing together, without costing an arm and a leg. The relationship between the ultimate flag bearers of the entertainment industry, namely the producers and their production, artists, and fans, is intrinsically shaped by smart contracts under a profound transfer token of value, recited as the Tykcoin. In fact, running on Tykcoin, Tyket happens to be the quintessential application that inherently enables its community of users to actively interact, ergo materializing events featuring live performances. The cherry on top- geolocation once activated, filters out events nearby.



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