StageWood Community


The combination of Blockchain technology, social media and a sharing economy brings about the conceptualization of the StageWood Community.

Disrupting the entertainment industry requires a joined effort from multiple entities working under a common platform created by the StageWood Consortium, Inc., managed by the CrypTyKum Foundation and supporting a nurturing and charitable institution, the StageWood Entertainment Foundation.

Corporate Members

Entities under direct management by the StageWood Consortium, Inc. include:

MyN3 Corporation

MyN3 Corporation is developing landmark mobile and desktop applications intended to become the main communication channels for the StageWood Community.  TykCoin ICO funds will support MyN3 efforts to create comprehensive Applications that will allow direct transactions between the three core members of the community.  Tyket app is designed to connect Fans, Performers and Producers in a social media platform promoting engagement and support for its members. MyN3-Pro, a professional application will allow Artists to communicate with Producers and coordinate events under secured, trusting and confident smart contracts.  MyN3-Pro will communicate directly with Tyket to provide event management full circle of services including contracting, marketing, ticket sales, execution, financial distribution, reporting and closing. The set of applications are designed to become the dashboard for producers and artist alike.

TykWood Inc.

As an independent partner of the StageWood Consortium, Inc., TykWood, Inc. is tasked with the development of a proprietary exchange platform for the purchase and sale of our native token, TykCoin, as well as its conversion to other cryptocurrencies or Fiats. The “TykWood Wallet” will manage merchant accounts to process credit card transactions for StageWood related enterprises as well as any events coordinated through MyN3 applications. The Wallet will provide a secured, mobile application for members to exchange their TykCoin tokens for their local currency or other cryptocurrencies at market rates defined by supply and demand forces within the community. The Wallet will interact with other StageWood Applications to make transaction processes simple. A seamless exchange will occur in the background while conversion to preferred and supported currencies will culminate with direct transfers to customer financial or bank accounts. Owning, trading and consuming TykCoins will be breeze!

StageWood Corporation

Our physical StageWood locations will be built in major metropolitan areas around the world.  Managed by the StageWood Corporation, each facility will operate as an independent enterprise, either fully owned by the StageWood Corporation, or as a licensee/franchisee of the corporation.  They will complement the StageWood community by providing physical, dedicated stages for Performers to display their talents. 


Working exclusively under TykCoin and MyN3 platforms, these sites will provide around the year, continuous job engagements to Performers, and promote the development of new stars in all forms of art expression, including but not limited to music, theater, visual and culinary arts.

Strategic Partners

 CrypTyKum Foundation

CrypTyKum Foundation is a unique not-for-profit organization of software developers dedicated to bringing innovative Blockchain technology and smart contract Applications to the Entertainment industry. The Foundation plans to achieve its goals through TykFrame, a decentralized blockchain framework build on top of the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric. Under a powerful shared global infrastructure, ownership of property and transfer of value is facilitated without boundaries, with reliable confirmation of compliance with agreements, utilizing TykFrame new native value token, TykCoin (TYK).


The TykFrame platform will be received as a donation from the StageWood Consortium, Inc, once operational, along with minted TykCoins. These tokens will be held by the Foundation and used to support the development of applications under its platform. Platform transaction fees (Gas) and exchange of TykCoins in the market, as required to support operations, will be the main source of working capital for the foundation at its early stages. Funds will be also raised through donations from individuals, collaborating institutions or other institutions willing to cooperate with the Foundation efforts.

StageWood Entertainment Foundation

The StageWood Entertainment Foundation, is organizing the entertainment community in a unique Not-For-Profit organization devoted to the well-being of its members, to promote honorable trade and support symbiotic relationships. The StageWood Entertainment Foundation, will receive support in TykCoins and currency from the StageWood Consortium, Inc.. Further resources will be raised from charitable events and donations from enterprises and individuals.

The funds received by the StageWood Entertainment Foundation will be dedicated to the education and development of artistic talents, as well as to support the social well-being of performing Artists, particularly the planning of retirement financial security and health care coverage that can be carried on without national barriers, under open source technological platforms. Its international membership extension without border barriers allows for a large inclusion, opening the door to negotiation of benefits for our members, not feasible to local organizations.

A main effort of the StageWood Community of enterprises is to collaborate with the StageWood Entertainment Foundation to fulfill its mission of supporting, nurturing and promoting dedicated professional entertainers in all forms of art expression.